THE RENTAL FACTOR, a Premier Central Florida Property Management Company

Opened in 2005 The Rental Factor has been managing residential property in Central Florida for over 17 years. Powered by Joseph Adkins, Broker/Realtor, Series 65, PL-215 and his wife Denise Adkins, Realtor, ESQ. The Rental Factor’s goal is to provide a holistic approach that goes beyond just understanding the basic real property management process. The goal and passion for the owners and management is provide top tier individualized management experience with Real Estate centered legal and financial focused services. The ongoing goal is to provide our owners with a consistent and healthy ROI, while providing quality housing for our residents. Thus, creating a successful Lessor/Lessee relationship all driven by eliminating linear thinking and incorporating quantum thinking and management. We work hard to keep the humanity in the business to ensure that all parties are a part of a winning relationship. Beyond all of that, the management at The Rental Factor is focused on balance, success, kindness, consistent evolution, and a commitment to consistently improving processes, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Currently, The Rental Factor provides property management services in Seminole, Orange, Lake, Southwest Volusia, and North Osceola counties.



Whether you are looking to have us manage your long-term rental property or manage your rehab we are a full service real property services company. The Realty Factor, Inc. can also assist you when you are looking to sell or buy real property. Our property management services are heavily focused on a deep understanding of both the financial and legal aspects associated with the management of real property. Services can include anything from selling your existing investment property to finding your first investment property, rehabbing that property, listing the property for rent, showing the property, inspecting the property, qualifying tenants, and providing other ancillary long-term management services. If you have one property or forty-one investment properties we can help you manage your maintenance, annually renew your leases, find a tenant, keep your accounting ledger (so that you can easily maintain your cost basis to ensure that you reduce your potential capital gains taxes) and much more. Further, in-house legal counsel consistently working to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. As an owner you also have access to speak with licensed investment advisors regarding your real property investment.



A house is just a house but a home is what you make out of a house. We work hard to make sure that you have consistency, quick and reasonable response times to maintenance orders and a sense of privacy. Our goal is for all of our residents to have quality housing that you can make a home out of. Respect, integrity, professionalism, kindness, and humanity are just a few of the traits we consistently focus on for our owners AND residents alike. We hope that as a resident your experience to be everything you can hope for out of a management relationship. Our company also offers a focus on a path to homeownership if it is one that you might be interested in. Our in-house team of professional’s and our vendor referral network is available to help assist our residents in a successful residency or if needed a professional agent can guide you through the home buying process and help layout a path to homeownership.